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Fishing Knots

A good knot is essential to successful fishing. While an average knot will reduce line strength by 10 percent or more, the very best knots will provide for 100 percent of the stated line strength.


Simple Clinch Knot - Probably the most often used knot in fishing. Used to tie just about anything.

Jansik Special - Another beautifully simple knot that can be tied in the dark, The Jansik Special is a high strength knot.

Blood Knot - One of the simplest methods of attaching two lines of similar diameters.

Offshore Swivel - Great for attaching swivels or snap swivels to double-line.

Spider Hitch - The fastest and easiest knot to create a double-line leader.

Surgeon's Loop - A strong and simple loop knot.

Snell Knot - The Snell Knot provides a strong connection directly to the hook.

Palomar Knot - Easy to tie, the Palomar is consistently the strongest knot known to hold terminal tackle.

Hangman's Knot - A great loop knot to attach to jigs, lures and feathers.

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