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This will let Bayfisherman help you get to what you want quickly by showing you the areas you last visited in a quick selection menu. your source of information on fishing the bays, ocean, sound, and the inland water ways of Long Island. We have compiled a  wealth of fishing information with hopes of making your next fishing trip a little better. 

   Long Island is truly the fisherman's paradise, being some 120 miles long and surrounded by the Long Island Sound to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, and separated from New York City by the Hudson River. Between the two "forks" lies the Peconic Bays. You can find yourself fishing with some of the most magnificent views anywhere. Long Island prides itself for being home to some of  the best fishing on the east coast. There is a wide variety of  fish on Long Island making it truly an angler's dream.  When fishing the bays, ocean, sound, and the inland water ways, you will think you are in the fisherman's paradise. There is excellent surf fishing on the Atlantic Ocean, with wide sandy beaches, as well as shore fishing inland water ways, bays, and of course the Long Island Sound. 

One thing all boat owners need is Boat Insurance! As you're aware, boating may be one of the more dangerous undertakings this side of bull riding! Do yourself a favor, learn your options, understand the coverage that are specific to boating such as hull value, towing, etc. The stakes are even higher for insuring a jet ski, ski-boat or personal watercraft.

   Use the menu to the left to find comprehensive information on fishing, fishing gear, boating, weather conditions, navigation and fishing electronics, fishing chat groups or simply searching for a fishing buddy - then you have found the right website!

Whatever fishing information you are looking for - you will find it here.

   Have fun browsing our website and feel free to contact us for further information or advertisement requests.

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